About Us


Jermaine Brown-circular

Jermaine Brown

Jermaine brings over 20 years of experience in curating some of the most memorable events on Jamaica’s Entertainment Landscape as his reputation runs parallel with the success of events such as Dream Weekend, Celebrity Playground, Cabana City, Osmosis & Xclusive Luminaries.


Gyete Ghartey

Gyete has over sixteen years in event planning, logistics, strategic management, concept development and marketing. He has planned and executed several successful events such as Yesterday - Best of the 80s, Mello Vibes, Club Appleton, Frequency, Appleton Treasure Island and FunFest to name a few.


Kemal Lawrence

Kemal brings 20 years experience in event promotion and marketing to the Marquee team. He has been instrumental in the development of many of the region’s largest events including Appleton ATI, Dream Weekend, Osmosis, Cabana City, Reggae Sumfest and BRT Weekend among many others.

Entertainment Partners

Adam Fernandez-circular

Adam Fernandez

Adam is a new entry in the entertainment industry by way of creating and coordinating new and vibrant brands such as Fete 21, Carnival Bae, Republic Saturdays and managing other events such as SPF Weekend, Soiree: SPF and Marbana.

Mikhail Degale-circular

Mikhail Degale

Co-Founder of Fete Republic, Mikhail has introduced high energy soca fetes such as Fete 21, Carnival Bae and Republic Saturdays to the Jamaican Soca scene and most recently has been involved with Jamaica’s newest carnival band, Xaymaca International.


Steffan-Chad Haughton

Steffan-Chad has over 12 years experience in hosting events all across Western Jamaica as a founding member of Antidote Entertainment. Most recently known for SOLAR- The All-Inclusive Breakfast Party and it’s charity initiative that has raised over 1 million dollars towards the Cornwall Regional Hospital.